Fact Sheets and Webinars on Disability and Ableism

This section contains over a dozen fact sheets on disability and ableism in higher education. They are part of a larger project on making the University more disability aware, friendly, and accessible, and reducing ableism. Most were written by Dr. Rhoda Olkin, and four of them were written with Dana Dunn. More fact sheets will be added over time.

The Language of Disability
Conceptualizing Disability: Three Models of Disability
Changing Attitudes Towards Disability
Quick Guide to Accessible Syllabi
Schematic to Help Memory
Distributive Justice (versus Social Justice)/ Equity (versus Equality)
Why Breaks Need to Be More than Five Minutes
Universal Design
Moving Towards Universal Design in Assessment of Student Learning
PowerPoint Dos and Don’ts
12 Disability-Friendly Universal Principles
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Disability Resources