Moderate This Quiz Page in Canvas



Leveraging Technology: Using the “Moderate This Quiz” Page in Canvas

The Alliant Online Learning Team is here to assist with inquiries and provide guidance on using Canvas in any class. In responding to this month’s email question, we will address a common challenge: adjusting quiz settings within the Canvas platform.

Dear Online Learning Team,

I am in need of assistance regarding accommodating students who need additional time for quizzes in Canvas. Could you please provide guidance or resources on how to adjust quiz settings to allow for extra time for specific students? Your support would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you in advance for your assistance. 

Best regards,
Professor Dominic Accomodio 

Canvas provides a range of customizable quiz settings, including the ability to grant extra time and additional attempts to specific students. Instructors may have various reasons for extending quiz time; one being that it is necessary to meet an accommodation for a student as determined by the Office of Accessibility. Instructors can easily access the Moderate this Quiz page, which is not only relevant for accommodating students but holds valuable data that can be used to:

  • Track completed attempts for a quiz
  • Assess the time taken by students to complete the quiz
  • Determine the number of remaining attempts
  • Review quiz scores

Returning to Professor Accomodio’s email, a comprehensive guide on this topic is available. However, here’s a concise overview of how to implement these modifications for Canvas quizzes.

  1. Access the Quiz Settings: Log in to your Canvas account and navigate to the course where the quiz is located. Open the quiz you want to modify.
  2. Moderate Quiz: On the right sidebar, select “Moderate this Quiz.”
  3. Identify Student(s): In the Student column, check the boxes next to the names of students who require timing or attempt adjustments for this quiz. If you’re modifying settings for only one student, click the edit icon in the rightmost column and proceed to step 5.
  4. Change Extension: At the end of the list of student names, click on “Change Extensions for X Selected Students.”
  5. Modify Attempts and/or Timing: In the Student Extensions pop up, modify the number of extra attempts and/or the extra time that will be allowed for each attempt (e.g., if the quiz has a 60-minute time limit, but you want to give 50% more time, type 30 minutes). Then click Save.
  6. Verify Change: Review the information located with each student’s name to verify accuracy (e.g., “gets 30 extra minutes on each attempt” if you added an additional 30 minutes of time for every attempt for this quiz for that student).

The “Moderate This Quiz” page not only supports accessibility needs but also provides valuable insights into students’ quiz performance and engagement. All of which will help you create a more inclusive, effective and data-informed learning environment for your students, aiding you in making informed decisions with an eye on student success.

If you require further support in adjusting quiz attempts or timing, please reach out; you can contact us at Online Learning Team – Additionally, if you have inquiries about features within Canvas, drop us an email. We may even spotlight your email in a future CTE newsletter, with your permission, of course.