Quick Guide to Accessible Syllabi

Quick Guide to Accessible Syllabi

NOTE: You can check the accessibility of any word document. In Word, go to “Review” then click on “Check Accessibility.”  You will get information about your document’s accessibility and where there are problems.

This document shows three examples:

  1. Presenting basic information.
  2. Using a table.
  3. Using a picture.



Font is minimum of 12 point.

Color is OK but not for vital information; do not use color to convey information.

Make heading levels consistent. Note only labels on left are bold.

Do not use underlining; save underlining for links.

Note that link is labeled (“Here is link”).

There should only be one bit of info per line: A wrong way is shown below:

            Units: 3           Room: 128     Contact: rolkin@alliant.edu

Correct example:

Course Title:             Observation & Interviewing (C/FT Section)

Instructor:                Rhoda Olkin, Ph.D.

Course Number:       PSY 65280

Units:                          3

School:                       California School of Professional Psychology

Term & Year:           Fall, 2021

Day/Time:                  Wednesdays 1-4

Room:                        Virtual on Zoom; here is link: https://alliant.zoom.us/j/95508498740

Office Location:        Room 128.

Contact:                     rolkin@alliant.edu   Off campus: 555 555-5555

Office Hours:             Wednesdays 12-1:00, 4:00 – 6:30. Other days please email me for a time.

Grading:                    Credit/No Credit

Year Level:                G-1; Family-Child Track section

Prerequisites:            Acceptance into the C/FT or permission of instructor.

EXAMPLE OF TABLE: (see comments)


  1. GRADING and DUE DATES – Class is Credit/No Credit


Table Description: this table has three columns. Column 1 is the type of homework. Column 2 is the week the homework is due. Column three is the number of points for each homework. The final row shows the total number of points possible.


Responses to Vignette Wk 3 5
Reactions to 2 episodes of Fresh Air Wk 4 5
Video #1 (Case report & transcript) Wk 5 15
Video #2 (Case report & transcript) Wk 9 15
Video #3 (Case report & transcript) Wk 12 15
Cultural interview report Wk 14 15
3 Supervision Sessions & 1 feedback session Wk 15 30
Final Exam Wk 15 25
Theravue practice Weekly 15
(Ethics and Professionalism) Wk 15 (0 or -35)
TOTAL: 140


Points:  140 total points possible; 105 needed to receive credit for the Fall Semester.


Picture description: This picture shows a partial image of a black and white cat with a pink nose and dark eyes. The head and most of the body is visible. The cat is facing up and to the right of the camera. It may be a kitten as its size is small. The background is blurred and nondescript.