Integrating Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion into Course Content and Assignments

Syllabus Challenge: Infusing Inclusive Practices

This presentation to Alliant faculty, given by Dr. Kim Case, is titled Syllabus Challenge: Infusing Inclusive Practices. It uses a document to introduce ways to infuse inclusive practices into all aspects of a course, including learning objectives, texts and readings, topics, schedule, learning products, and policies. The link to the document discussed is below. Dr. Case also provided a guide for writing an anti-racism syllabus statement.

CLICK HERE for Syllabus Challenge document

Virginia Commonwealth University Guide to Writing Anti-Racism Syllabus Statements

This is another resource from Dr. Kim Case, which she describes as “Within higher education contexts including classrooms, campus programs, departmental meetings and events, conferences, research labs, advising & mentoring sessions, etc. This evolving model of anti-racist pedagogy (ARP) is subdivided into four main areas.”

Anti-Racist Pedagogy model developed by Kim Case, PhD